Dante Links

This page lists some cool links to help folk explore Dante’s Divine comedy.

World of Dante. If you choose to read the poem online, this site is best. It includes the Mandelbaum translation, with LOTs and lots of helps. Best map is on this site. This has a lot of cool resources in a very cool multimedia format.

Danteworlds. UT Austin offers some very cool stuff too – a bunch of resources linked pictorially to the map of hell (as well as purgatory and heaven). Worth checking out:

Digital Dante. Lots of info, including free versions of the Mandelbaum and Longfellow versions of the poem, and some good maps.

Princeton Dante Project: Wow. Tons of info. If you really want to delve deep, go here. Commentaries, multi-media stuff, etc.

Dante Society. The Dante Society of America has several of other links.

Let us know if you (thou reader) have other links to suggest.

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