This blog is a collective effort on the part of several folk in the Lawrenceville/Trenton/Princeton area to make the study of Dante’s Divine Comedy their Lenten spiritual discipline. After a thrilling first year blogging through the first Canticle of the DC, Inferno in 2010, and the second Canticle, Purgatorio last year, this Lenten season we will blog through the third and final canticle, Paradiso.

Click here for more information about how to read with us, and to use this blog.

We hope this attempt to read Dante’s great poem is an invitation to you, O Reader, to make this your Lenten spiritual discipline this year. And not only that – but we would also heartily invite you to contribute your reflections. It’s easy to comment here on WordPress – no complicated signin process. We’d like to know you’re out there!

The blog was initiated by Jeff Vamos, a Presbyterian Pastor serving in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Which translation? For Inferno, we used Robert Pinsky’s wonderful translation of Inferno in citations; for Purgatorio and Paradiso, most of us will be using the Ciardi version. But of course, use whichever translation you like. The “links” section of this blog lists several free ways to get a translation on the internet – if you are at all interested in Dante, they are well worth checking out.

And even more Info. If you want more background about how we got started, here’s our introduction page.

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