Join us in Purgatory!

Greetings, O Reader!

As the season of Lent begins again, we continue our blogging adventure with the second canticle of Dante’s Divine Comedy, 33 cantos chronicling Dante’s journey through Purgatorio. We are back, more or less the same motley band of bloggers as last year, with one change. Sadly, Adrienne Perry needed to bow out this year due to time constraints, and because her many writing projects are bearing down upon her especially now as she finishes her MFA. Hope you hear us cheering for you, A!

Enter Bob Sinner, who was a frequent commenter last year, a retired teacher of history, a member at The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, a wise mind, and a genuine good guy. We are aware that we have an abundance of Y chromosomes in this project – perhaps part of the purgatorial agenda will be to diversify. We will indeed work on that.

If you’re a new reader and would like some additional background on the project, and how it got started, read the first entry in this blog. You may also find our About page and the other pages in this blog helpful for orienting yourself.

Most especially though, we fervently hope you will join us in making this adventure part of your Lenten discipline – please do read the canticle, and comment along with us.

Tally ho!

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